EVILEG - 4 Years Online

EVILEG, 4 года

Hello!!! And today is our birthday. For exactly 4 years now, the EVILEG project has been online and has been slowly developing and growing. So it is time to take stock and plan work for the next year.

Site attendance has not grown as we would like, but it is good that the site’s audience is developing qualitatively. It is good to know that many regular users have appeared, as well as those who are active on the site, including the forum. There are more and more questions, but I cannot cover all areas. Therefore, I express my deep gratitude to all who actively participate in the forum and answer questions.

The results of the work done

Site users

For all the previous work hours of the site, except for the last year, 912 users were registered on the site, then as for the last year of work, 941 users were registered on the site. That is, the number of registered users of the site has doubled over the last year. I really hope that this will continue and even better.

An important impetus, in my opinion, to registrations was:

  1. Changes in advertising policy regarding registered users, namely the reduction in the number of advertisements on the site for registered and authorized users.
  2. Adding quick registration through social networks:
    • ВКонтакте - 204 authorizations
    • Google OAth - 199 authorizations
    • Facebook - 62 authorizations
    • GitHub - 54 authorizations

There are plans to add authorization via Twitter and maybe some other social networks, but this is not a priority.

Articles and Comments

Over the past year, 131 articles were published (a total of 478 articles were published on the site), of which 44 articles were added by site users. I express my gratitude to all users who participated in filling the site with articles. There were also several SPAM articles, but they were not allowed to open access on the site.

The growth of commenting on articles was not noted, and the number of comments even decreased slightly and amounted to 523, against 584 last year. However, probably many articles are already sufficiently commented and there are no more questions. I also often ask you to ask questions on the forum, with an indication of the article on which the question was asked. Surely this played a decisive role in this case. There are 1303 comments on the site.


And here everything is cool. Over the last year, 377 topics and 2280 messages were created, against 303 topics and 1711 messages last year. There are a total of 958 topics and 5546 posts.


A section that I haven’t done for the last year and didn’t add new tests. The plans more closely to do this section and start adding new tests, and then make the combined tests. I think that it makes no sense to look at the statistics of this section, since it was somewhat forgotten.


Here I can not say that the increase in attendance was also successful, as in the past year. There was no double growth, however, and the appearance of new materials on the site does not already have the same percentage ratio as a year ago. But we are gradually growing. For example, last year I talked about the numbers of 1150-1350 unique visitors depending on the holidays and the time of year, but now I can talk about attendance of 1300-1600 unique visitors depending on the holidays and the season.

New modules

New modules have been added to the site, which I hope will show themselves in the future. But on the basis of them it was possible to develop a single coherent system of content, which was even put into a separate public module EVILEG-CORE .

Social bookmarks

Section social bookmarks with the ability to add links to various useful content on other sites with a small annotation, which describes what is in that article. I wanted to do something similar, as done on the reddit website. But so far the section is not the most popular and relevant. However, I hope that blogger programmers will be interested in this section and will continue to publish links to their articles or projects with annotations, what kind of articles. But this type of content is not an article has a much lower priority in the issuance of Google.

Share code

A small section for sharing code in the style of well-known foreign resources that allow you to quickly publish a code snippet on the Internet and send a link to it to another user to ask for help. In the future I plan to do joint online editing in real time.


A section for [suggesting ideas and submitting information about bugs on the site] (https://evileg.com/ru/ideas/), here each site user can suggest his own idea or write about the flaws that I view and put in the implementation queue.


Section for registration of companies on the site. Subsequently, all companies will have their own blogs, and also have the opportunity to post vacancies on the site. I want users to not only find useful information and help on the site, but also have the opportunity to find the job of their dreams.


Section for posting vacancies . Vacancies are posted on behalf of vacancies.

Site development

Using the example of the new modules introduced, it can be said that the site was improved and improved much more than in previous years. And the content system really allows you to introduce new modules within the framework of the site architecture literally over the weekend. In many ways, I learned the style of developing the site architecture from my current job as a Qt / C ++ developer, in which I develop a CAD system with a huge number of data models. This experience has been very successfully applied to the site and now I have little thought about how to name many fields in data models, because I believe that most of the content should behave the same, regardless of what is hidden under his hood. And the behavior of the content is determined by the main content interface. Thus, even by developing the site alone, it is possible to support the project in spite of its increasing complexity. The main thing is to refactor more often and not to deviate from the given architecture, otherwise you can start everything up.

What was done?

  • Social Bookmarks
  • Code sharing
  • Ideas and suggestions
  • Companies
  • Jobs
  • Personal messages in realtime
  • Markdown editor instead of WYSIWYG - life has become much easier, you do not have to deal with bugs.
  • Added use of WebSocket and Django-Channels

What should be done?

  • Finalization of the notification system. There are some problems with notifications for private messages that need to be addressed.
  • Resume - if there are vacancies, you need a resume. This is logical. The module is already in operation, implemented at about 30 percent.
  • Polls - really want to add polls on the site. It would be cool, for example, to add a poll to an article.
  • Take more time filling the site with tests, it's time to do it for sure.
  • Add the ability to share and comment on some content on your wall. In fact, not much work for a couple of evenings. It is only necessary to allocate time.
  • Achievement system? - I repent, I did not do it, but is it really necessary? possible and necessary, but I already see that this is not the most important. There are more useful directions while I work with them.
  • Support for other languages on the site? What do you think? Probably worth it.
  • The ability to co-edit articles? For example, the author and editor? It would probably be convenient? It would also be convenient to publish articles in several languages.
  • Add a proxy model for the user to implement automatic transliteration of user names in the Latin alphabet, as well as other buns.
  • Improve the visual part of some elements.
  • Transfer more established functionality in EVILEG-CORE, so that users can use my work in their projects.
  • Add skills like LinkedIn - and did not ... but someday I will get to this.

Future plans

Perhaps continue to develop the site in the same spirit. Maybe even a little bit away from the thoughts about paid functionality at the moment, since I’m a little uncomfortable at the moment to organize individual entrepreneurship in Prague. So the course of monetization will be the same with the help of advertising networks and donation, just to be enough for hosting, and to pay for some services of third-party developers as needed. So, if you are ready to support the development of the site, then on the Donate page you will find the necessary information on how to support the site financially.

As for hosting, at the moment I did not increase the server capacity, since the processor itself is loaded only by 8-12 percent on average. So I still recommend VDS server from TIMEWEB .


I want to say again, "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" to all those users who take an active part in the life of the site and add their contribution in the form of articles and answers to questions on the forum.

I hope to increase the activity and the appearance of new authors on the site, then I can concentrate more on improving the functionality of the site. Also at the request of users ready to add new sections of articles and forums on the site. Thank you in advance for future feedback.

Thank you for your attention to the project EVILEG.

We recommend hosting TIMEWEB
We recommend hosting TIMEWEB
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Всё классно! Продолжайте в том же духе! :)

Спасибо Вам за труд и успехов во всех начинаниях!

Спасибо за отзыв!!! И спасибо за внимание к ресурсу!!!

Спасибо за отзыв!!! И спасибо за внимание к ресурсу!!!

С Днём рождения EVELIG. Спасибо за помощь.

И вам спасибо за внимание к проекту! Это очень помогает не опускать руки уже 4 года.


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Здравствуйте. Все получилось, только редирект сделал по другому redirect(price.file.url) Спасибо вам за помощь!
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