May 9, 2019, 4:31 p.m.

For advertisers

The site EVILEG has the ability to advertise. We try to work towards the development of our own advertising network in order to reduce the amount of junk ads on the site from such advertising networks as Yandex.RYA and Google Adsense.

Types of blocks

At the moment, the site has the ability to place the following ad units:

  1. Standard ad unit with 120x90 image with ad title and ad text. Placed on the following page types.:
    1. Articles (at the end)
    2. Forum Topics (at the end)
    3. Forum sections (after the search field)
    4. Sections of articles (after the search field)
    5. Search page (after search field)

Cost of advertising

At the moment, the pricing policy is formed dynamically and the cost of placement depends on the landing page. For more information on the placement of ad units, please email the following email:

Looking for a Job?
5,000.00 руб. - 15,000.00 руб.
Moskovskiy, Moscow, Russia
25,000.00 руб. - 30,000.00 руб.
Разработчик Qt/C++
Barnaul, Altai Krai, Russia

For registered users on the site there is a minimum amount of advertising

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