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Refusal of advertising networks online EVILEG (Google Adsense, YAN Yandex, etc.)


So, perhaps the most joyful moment has come for many users of the EVILEG website. Namely, disabling advertising networks on the site.
Perhaps you would like to know the reasons for such an interesting behavior of the site owner, who, it would seem, was supposed to bring some kind of income through advertising networks.

In fact, the stars came together, and several reasons came out, and here they are.


Here is a list of reasons why opt out

  • User attitude to the Site
  • My personal attitude to advertising on the site itself
  • My personal attitude to advertising on other sites
  • Total labor versus profit
  • Objectives of the site itself

I must say right away that I did not find a magic wand that would create monetization of the site in other ways than all those that are usually listed on all kinds of govnosites about 100,500 ways to make money on the Internet.
So, various kinds of “info-gypsies” and “info-businessmen” will be disappointed, and if they accidentally jumped into this article, they might not read further.
Since all other thoughts will be expressed by a person who initially had no goal of direct earnings on the site, but did not deny that it would be nice to earn money and often thought about it.
In any case, such attempts at earning money have become boring to me.

So let's go over the list of reasons.

User attitude to the Site

This is not a negative attitude. There is always a negative attitude, and any public activity is somehow related to the negative, you just start to look at it through your fingers over time.

But a positive attitude always leaves a mark, well, at least for me. I’ll quote a phrase from one of the users, which is why I’ve thought about turning off advertising ... or maybe I’m just sitting at home too much in connection with all these quarantines, why did I start to think a lot? But here is part of the phrase

Specially introduced your site to it, because it is the best. So convenient and beautiful nowhere to be found.
good site, do not drop it.

Honestly, good to hear. And quite often received words of thanks. Apparently accumulated.

Therefore, I recently visited the site as an unregistered user without the ad blocker turned on, was horrified, logged out, logged in again, was horrified again and decided that everything went too far, even if there are less advertisements for registered users, anyway, it’s kind of overkill .

My personal attitude to advertising on the site itself

Further, my personal attitude to advertising. I myself use ad blockers, so I and not added a code on the site that tries to determine if the user has a blocker, and then asks to disable this blocker.
That is, I myself do not like the presence of advertising and even sent donate to AdBlock, but nevertheless treated the advertisement as an inevitable evil to maintain the site.

My personal attitude to advertising on other sites

I use ad blockers, I do not like sites that are crammed with ads to the ceiling, especially with all sorts of PoPup ads. Terribly annoying.
Especially recently, ad networks have been annoying. In particular, Facebook. I hate him fiercely for how they learned to stuff advertising so that sometimes it can’t be distinguished from the first glance from ordinary content.
VKontakte has at least a little more help with this. And the various recommended content is so incredibly annoying.

In fact, we find ourselves in a plentiful information field, which we are stuffed with, but at the same time we do not get what we really need.
That is, we have information hunger with an abundance of information. Though to leave the forest from this.

But this is the mood, from the discharge boiled.

Total labor versus profit

Work with advertising networks on the site has already begun to appear to me like a war with windmills. This is especially true if the site is made for the IT sector.
That is, no matter how much I add ad units, how much I play with the settings, how many ad units I swap, there will always be a revenue threshold that can only be increased if you start using even more incorrect methods of adding ads to in relation to users. And users will just start using more advanced ad blockers.
At the same time, I can easily earn the final annual income of the site in a couple of weeks of work and not spend my time in the evenings playing with ad units and rewriting the site code in order to enter new functions and methods for advertising. Together, this still leads to an increase in work.

In my opinion, profit does not cover labor costs, and ad units also spoil the appearance of the site, and I spent a lot of time on its appearance, which is essentially crossed out by advertising.

And no matter how many advertising networks, like Google Adsense or Yandex YAN, say that their advertising fits perfectly into the site design, especially automatic, all this is not so in reality.
Advertising climbs anywhere and anyhow. That is, a complete mess turns out.

Objectives of the site itself

Initially, the site was my professional blog, something like a business card so that it could be shown to a potential employer. Then the idea of ​​monetization came up.
But now the site has become more than just a professional blog. I see regular users who hang on the site like on a social network. So why not continue this course. For example, a small professional network that will support the community.


As a matter of fact, everything came together, and I don’t really want to turn my brainchild into a garbage can. What has it been going on lately?
I will leave room for maneuvers with advertising, but it will already be work with direct advertisers, and these will be the maximum ad units in the sidebar or at the end of articles that will fully comply with the site design.

I'd better come up with a different way of monetizing.

For example, often I was offered to sell the source or even the site itself. I won’t go for it.

However, I am currently working on a simplified version of the site with closed source code, a server with which it will be possible to rent the amount of money with N.
So if someone is interested, then expect this.

Community Support

Therefore, you want to believe everything said above, if you want not. But let this step be the key to my reputation.

So now I will rely on community support. Although, if community support is insufficient, then perhaps I will have to return to monetization. I will only try to minimize it.

All the best, dear EVILEG users.

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