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Django - Tutorial 006. Customizing error pages 403, 404, 500

Many resources are decorated error pages if there is a failure in processing a request from the client.
For a start has been made on the site customization of the most frequently occurring errors and other debugging until you come across, but still ahead.

As announced at the beginning of this article, was to customize the following error:

  1. 403 - Authorization error, access is denied.
  2. 404 - Page Not Found;
  3. 500 - Internal server error;

Customization error 404, 500

To customize the error 404 and 500 need to write a request handlers, and enough to write their ideas in the form of method.

The templates add your customized html file, that is:

  • error404.html
  • error500.html

The module that implements presentation for the site - home . The templates of the same module placed themselves customized templates errors.

Override the default handler in urls.py in the main module of site:

  • handler404
  • handler500

In the code, it looks like this:

from home.views import e\_handler404, e\_handler500

handler404 = e\_handler404
handler500 = e\_handler500

We describe the presentation in views.py home module file:

from django.shortcuts import render\_to\_response
from django.template import RequestContext

def e\_handler404(request):
    context = RequestContext(request)
    response = render\_to\_response('error404.html', context)
    response.status\_code = 404
    return response

def e\_handler500(request):
    context = RequestContext(request)
    response = render\_to\_response('error500.html', context)
    response.status\_code = 500
    return response

Customization Errors 403

Error 403 occurs when an authorized user is not trying to gain access to that part of the site to which access is restricted to authorized users.

In Django is reached by the test status of the user and adding to the pages of the protective token, CSRF mechanism. This error can occur and if the user is logged in, but performs actions that require CSRF token verification, and the token is lost or is not true. The fact is that for the correctness of the token, you need to add in the template in the form of a special tag:

{% csrf\_token %}

It will be entered and the token, but just to add to the template, it is not enough. Before you start rendering the template, you must add a token to the context that will be passed to the template. I.e,

from django.template.context\_processors import csrf
from django.shortcuts import render\_to\_response

def any\_request(request):
    context = {}

    return render\_to\_response('any\_request.html', context=context)

And now about customization. For csrf necessary that settings.py file added csrf module and indicated a view that will be engaged in the processing of this error:


CSRF\_FAILURE\_VIEW = 'home.views.csrf\_failure'

The templates add error403.html, and views.py file prescribe processor performance.

def csrf\_failure(request, reason=""):
    context = RequestContext(request)
    response = render\_to\_response('error403.html', context)
    response.status\_code = 403
    return response

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