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PHPExample - Factory method in PHP

In the Factory Method Pattern, a factory method defines what functions must be available in the non-abstract or concrete factory. These functions must be able to create objects that are extensions of a specific class. Which exact subclass is created will depend on the value of a parameter passed to the function.

В этом примере у нас есть фабричный метод AbstractFactoryMethod , который задает функцию makePHPBook($param) .

Конкретный класс OReillyFactoryMethod factory расширяет AbstractFactoryMethod и может создать правильное расширение класса AbstractPHPBook для заданного значения $ param.

DelphiExample - Factory method in Delphi

This pattern is useful when you want to encapsulate the construction of a class and isolate knowledge of the concrete class from the client application through an abstract interface.

Один из примеров этого может возникнуть, если у вас есть объектно-ориентированное бизнес-приложение, потенциально связанное с несколькими целевыми СУБД. Клиентское приложение только хочет знать о бизнес-классах, а не об их хранилище и извлечении для конкретной реализации.

Python 3Example - Factory method in Python

An example of a factory method in the Python programming language

JavaExample - Factory Method in Java

In class-based programming, the factory method pattern is a creational pattern that uses factory methods to deal with the problem of creating objects without having to specify the exact class of the object that will be created. This is done by creating objects by calling a factory method—either specified in an interface and implemented by child classes, or implemented in a base class and optionally overridden by derived classes—rather than by calling a constructor.

C++Example - Factory method in C++

Discussion. Frameworks are applications (or subsystems) with "holes" in them. Each framework specifies the infrastructure, superstructure, and flow of control for its "domain", and the client of the framework may: exercise the framework's default behavior "as is", extend selected pieces of the framework, or replace selected pieces.

The Factory Method pattern addresses the notion of "creation" in the context of frameworks. In this example, the framework knows WHEN a new document should be created, not WHAT kind of Document to create. The "placeholder" Application::CreateDocument() has been declared by the framework, and the client is expected to "fill in the blank" for his/her specific document(s). Then, when the client asks for Application::NewDocument(), the framework will subsequently call the client's MyApplication::CreateDocument().

RubyUser Guide #16 - Ruby - Singleton methods

The behavior of an instance is determined by its class, but there may be times we know that a particular instance should have special behavior. In most languages, we must go to the trouble of defining another class, which would then only be instantiated once. In ruby we can give any object its own methods.

ruby> class SingletonTest
    |   def size
    |     print "25\n"
    |   end
    | end
ruby> test1 =
ruby> test2 =
ruby> def test2.size
    |   print "10\n"
    | end
ruby> test1.size
ruby> test2.size
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C ++ - Test 004. Pointers, Arrays and Loops

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