evileg_core.widgets module

class evileg_core.widgets.ELesserAdminDateWidget(attrs=None, format=None)[source]

Bases: django.contrib.admin.widgets.AdminDateWidget

ELesserAdminDateWidget is using for filters in admin panels. From media of this class were removed some js files because it invoked reinitialization of fields. This field is using in Django administration panel

property media

Method will return needed js files for this field



class evileg_core.widgets.EMarkdownWidget(attrs=None, documentation_link=None, placeholder=None, upload_link=None, upload_file_link=None, extended_mode=True, fullscreen=True)[source]

Bases: django.forms.widgets.Widget

Markdown widget for rendering in the templates

build_attrs(base_attrs, extra_attrs=None, **kwargs)[source]

Helper function for building an attribute dictionary. This is combination of the same method from Django<=1.10 and Django1.11+

property media
render(name, value, attrs=None, renderer=None)[source]

Render the widget as an HTML string.