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AVRTWI interface in microcontrollers AVR Atmega

Aug. 21, 2015, 9:30 p.m.

TWI, Atmega

I remembered a little hardcore in Hardwar with TWI interface, which takes a few years ago. Who would not say, and Assembler perfectly cleanses the brain and develops an understanding of the algorithms. The most important thing I learned while working with AVR microcontrollers on Assembler, is the fact that all the operations, all directives, all functions must be written in a clear sequence. After all, if the write data in the register is not in the sequence, then your controller firmware does not work. And when writing code in high-level languages, sometimes you can see a complete indifference to the sequence of calling functions and methods, though often in the instructions to the libraries can be read, in what order you need to initialize a particular functionality, to get everything working. But who would read them carefully? Well, if you dear reader to read this paragraph instead skopipastit immediately imagine a software library of code that is shown below.

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