Release of C ++ / Qt deployment utility CQtDeployer v1.3.0

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The release of the cross-platform utility CQtDeployer is presented. The utility received a number of new features. The source code for the CQtDeployer components is licensed under LGPLv3 and is freely available on GitHub . This utility is used as a universal tool for deploying C, C ++, Qt and QML-projects for desktop platforms.

The highlights:

  • The support of qt.conf for Linux is added.

    Now ctdeployer generates the qt.conf file during deployment for Linux as well as for windows. It means that you can make your own changes to the project structure after deployment.

  • The support of configuraton file of the project (deploy.json) is added.
    the file contains a set of deployment rules that are the same as the parameters of running the utility. It can greatly simplify the using of the utility in automatic deployment scripts.
    Use the flag -confFile [./path/to/file.json] to create deploy.json. The details about working you can find into official wiki of the project.

  • An ability to control the location of files in the destination directory is added.
    In other words the following flags are available now:
    • -qmlOut [Path] - the location path of the qml files.
    • -libOut [Path] - the location path of the libraries.
    • -trOut [Path] - the location path of the translations.
    • -pluginOut [Path] - the location path of the qt plagins.
    • -binOut [Path] - the location path of executable files.

So you can build your own hierarchy in the project depending on your needs.

  • The support of deploying WebEngine is added.
    Now cqtdeployer can deploy projects using WebEngine.
  • The support of multiple packages is added in the cqtdeployer's installer.
    Now the package manager contains the cqtdeployer package and cqtdeployer 1.3 for you to choose.
    The first one is a previous and stable version, the second version is the current one.
    Now you can quickly switch between versions.
  • The project is renamed into CQtDeployer
    It is due to the fact that CQtDeployer will also support the gui wrapper in the future, so the term "Console" is no longer relevant.
  • The deployment of system libraries in linux is fixed.
    Now you can use the deploySystem flag safely,because it will ignore the set of libc libraries by default, and your project will not be broken. You should use the deploySystem-with-libc flagI for existing the libc library libraries in your project.

  • The flag always-overwrite is changed into noOverwrite.
    now all the files are overwritten by default, use noOverwrite to disable overwriting.

The release includes online and offline builds for both windows and linux platforms.

You can also download the latest version of cqtdeployer in:


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Используем, там где требуется :)
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Совет: подключайте ресурсы динамически. Используйте Resource Compiler:
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Ну если после обновления начало появляться, то тогда откатить драйвера. А вообще, если это жить не мешает и код работает как и раньше, то просто проигнорировать эти сообщения.
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Всем привет , Пытаюсь реализовать класс для работы с блютуз (Bluetooth Handler) для мобилки , с использование QBluetoothDeviceInfo и QBluetoothDeviceDiscoveryAgent . Может у кого е…
Oct. 22, 2019, 2:16 a.m.
Pavel K.

попробуй сделать через свой собственный компонет , те возьми контрол Component, например , переорпедели как свой , в нем что нить типо проперти type : disk1, disk2 (сделай метод в структуре …
Oct. 22, 2019, 12:03 a.m.

Этот алгоритм предназначен для того чтобы исключить из обработки строки содержащие буквенные символы. Если Вам не трудно опишите пожалуйста как бы Вы написали этот алгоритм, желательно в коде?
Oct. 21, 2019, 7:03 a.m.
Mikhail Petrov

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