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DELL Networking. CLI (Command Line Interface)


For example, DELL PowerConnect 3524

You can control the device directly via the terminal port or via a Telnet connection. If access is via a Telnet connection, ensure that the device specific IP-address, which will be used by the workstation to access the device and connect the device to use the CLI commands.

Telnet is an emulation on a TCP / IP terminal. RS-232 terminals can be virtually connected to the local device through a TCP / IP network protocol. Telnet is an alternative to the local terminal where you want the remote control of the device. The Switch supports up to 4 Telnet sessions to manage. All CLI commands can be used over a telnet session.

Configuring the device can be performed through the command line interface (CLI), which provides various command modes. Each command mode has its own set of specific commands. Enter "?" Question mark to call up the console prompt displays a list of commands available for the current mode.

The following modes are commonly used:

  • User EXEC mode,
  • Privileged EXEC mode,
  • Global Configuration mode,
  • Interface Configuration modes

When the run session, triggered mode for an unprivileged user, which is the User EXEC mode, in which there is only a limited subset of commands. This level is reserved for tasks not associated with changes in the hardware configuration.

To go to the next level, the Privileged EXEC mode, a password is required (if the password has been set). The Privileged EXEC mode provides access to a global device settings. For specific global device settings, go to the next level, Global Configuration mode. No password is required. The Global Configuration mode manages the device configuration on a global level. The Interface Configuration mode configures the device at the physical interface level. Interface commands which require subcommands have another level called the Subinterface Configuration mode. The password is also required.

User EXEC Mode

After entering the device, the EXEC command mode is engaged. Hint user level contains the host name followed by a triangular bracket (>).

For example:

console >

User EXEC commands allow you to connect to remote devices, changing terminal settings on a temporary basis, perform basic tests, view system information. List of User EXEC commands is displayed by a question mark input.

Privileged EXEC Mode

Privileged access can be protected to prevent not authorized access. Passwords are displayed on the screen, and are case sensitive. To access the list of privileged commands.

  1. Enter the enable command and press <Enter>
  2. When you see the password prompt, enter the password. The tooltip Privileged EXEC mode displays the name of the host with the following sign #

For example:


To display commands Privileged EXEC list, type a question mark. To return from Privileged EXEC mode to User EXEC mode , enter the disable .

Global Configuration Mode

Global Configuration commands include system functionality, specific protocols or interfaces. To access Global Configuration mode , in Privileged EXEC Mode, type the configure command and press <Enter> .

The Global Configuration mode displays as the host name followed by the construction (config) and the # sign.

console( config )#

To display the Global Configuration commands , enter a question mark. To return use the combination CTRL + Z.

console# configure
console(config)# exit


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