User Guide #04 - Ruby - Strings

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Ruby deals with strings as well as numerical data. A string may be double-quoted ("...") or single-quoted ('...').

ruby> "abc"
ruby> 'abc'

Double- and single-quoting have different effects in some cases. A double-quoted string allows character escapes by a leading backslash, and the evaluation of embedded expressions using #{} . A single-quoted string does not do this interpreting; what you see is what you get. Examples:

ruby> print "a\nb\nc","\n"
ruby> print 'a\nb\n',"\n"
ruby> "\n"
ruby> '\n'
ruby> "\001"
ruby> '\001'
ruby> "abcd #{5*3} efg"
   "abcd 15 efg"
ruby> var = " abc "
   " abc "
ruby> "1234#{var}5678"
   "1234 abc 5678"

Ruby's string handling is smarter and more intuitive than C's. For instance, you can concatenate strings with + , and repeat a string many times with * :

ruby> "foo" + "bar"
ruby> "foo" * 2

Concatenating strings is much more awkward in C because of the need for explicit memory management:

char *s = malloc(strlen(s1)+strlen(s2)+1);
strcpy(s, s1);
strcat(s, s2);
/* ... */

But using ruby, we do not have to consider the space occupied by a string. We are free from all memory management.

Here are some things you can do with strings.


ruby> word = "fo" + "o"


ruby> word = word * 2

Extracting characters (note that characters are integers in ruby):

ruby> word[0]
   102            # 102 is ASCII code of `f' 
ruby> word[-1]
   111            # 111 is ASCII code of `o'

(Negative indices mean offsets from the end of a string, rather than the beginning.)

Extracting substrings:

ruby> herb = "parsley"
ruby> herb[0,1]
ruby> herb[-2,2]
ruby> herb[0..3]
ruby> herb[-5..-2]

Testing for equality:

ruby> "foo" == "foo"
ruby> "foo" == "bar"

Note: In Ruby 1.0, results of the above are reported in uppercase, e.g. TRUE .

Now, let's put some of these features to use. This puzzle is "guess the word," but perhaps the word "puzzle" is too dignified for what is to follow ;-)

# save this as guess.rb
words = ['foobar', 'baz', 'quux']
secret = words[rand(3)]

print "guess? "
while guess = STDIN.gets
  if guess == secret
    print "You win!\n"
    print "Sorry, you lose.\n"
  print "guess? "
print "The word was ", secret, ".\n"

For now, don't worry too much about the details of this code. Here is what a run of the puzzle program looks like.

% ruby guess.rb
guess? foobar
Sorry, you lose.
guess? quux
Sorry, you lose.
guess? ^D
The word was baz.
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